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Welcome to our CMD-Centrum (TMD-Centre) in Hannover Misburg. Our highly qualified team offers you the best medical treatment in the area of mandibular joint problems and TMD.

The Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) refers to a clinical picture that is often overlooked. It is caused by a functional disruption of the jaw joints, which does not only manifest itself through pain, popping of the temporomandibular joint or constraints in the area of the jaw joints, but can also be the cause for seemingly unrelated symptoms, such as tinnitus, headache and vertigo.


In our CMD-Centrum it is our daily business to deal with multiple forms of Mandibular Joint Disorder.

By working in an interdisciplinary team of experts from other medical fields, we are able to analyse and treat every case individually. This unique approach to the treatment of TMD in our CMD-Centrum has resulted in international recognition and fame.

In our CMD-Centrum the latest diagnostic methods are applied by our specifically trained team.

Subsequently, on the basis of the diagnostic results, we will compile a course of treatment which is individually tailored to your needs.

In order to be able to offer extensive and individually adapted courses of treatment, our TMD cooperative association consists of a network of experts from various disciplines: among them neurology, neurosurgery, ENT (ear-nose-throat) and orthopaedics.

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With our interdisciplinary team, we carry out extensive examinations and tests in order to find the optimal treatment for your very individual case. Afterwards we take care of your issues - for example with the help of special splints, stimulation current therapy (TENS) or magnetic stimulation.

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Additionally, we offer you an integrated patient care, concerning the health and function of your teeth. Our highly skilled team will take the time for an individual and detailed consultation. It is our goal to provide the optimal treatment for every single patient.

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In our dental practice we offer you an outstanding service in the field of:

  • Conservative Dentistry

  • Prosthetics

  • Endodontology

  • Periodontology

  • Implantology

  • Aesthetics (Bleaching)

  • Dental Prophylaxis

Test your risk of TMD

Our online test does of course not replace medical diagnostics and is only intended to show possible risks. Read all questions carefully. If you answer ‘yes’ to more than one question, you may be at an increased risk for TMD. If so, feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

1. Do you observe cracking and/or pain in the temporomandibular joint?

2. Can you no longer open your mouth properly because a kind of "lock" prevents this?

3. Does your lower jaw sometimes withstands and has troubles to close your mouth again?

4. Do you have aching pain in your ear, cheek or temple?

5. Have you have a teeth removal due to pain but it is still there?

6. Do you suffer from "inexplicable" sensation disorders or tooth pain, especially in the morning?

7. Do you sometimes feel that you can no longer find a real "bite" or that your teeth somehow no longer fit properly?

8. Do you feel a lump in your larynx even though your thyroid is OK?

9. Did you have problems with the temporomandibular joint that then expanded to the neck?

10. Do you suffer from an occasional dizziness for which there is no medical explanation?

11. Do you suffer from ringing in the ears or has your hearing deteriorated?

12. Have you been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia or so called atypical facial pain?

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Very friendly and highly competent dentist

Dr. Amir Sayfadini and his entire team are very friendly and highly competent. The dental assistant carried out the tooth cleaning very sensitively. The fear is taken away from anxious patients, and the anesthetic syringes are barely noticeably injected. I can fully recommend Dr. Amir Sayfadini.

That's what our patients say

Excerpts from the rating portal

Specialist and well-trained staff

Everything is clearly explained. You will be informed about each step of the treatment. That creates trust.”

That's what our patients say

Excerpts from the rating portal

Very friendly and competent

He is very competent and takes the best possible treatment, explains very well and is also friendly. I would recommend Dr. Amir.

That's what our patients say

Excerpts from the rating portal

I immediately felt in good hands!

As an anxious patient with major jaw joint problems and pain, I was treated empathetically and competently. There was an immediate relationship of trust and I am thrilled and can only recommend this doctor and his staff.

That's what our patients say

Excerpts from the rating portal

A real relationship of trust - a great team!

I have been in medical therapy for about 1.5 years ... and despite great anxiety and fear, I feel treated friendly as a human being by the entire team. Thanks you!